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Oropharma Trichoplus Canker Treatment

Oropharma Trichoplus Pigeon Canker Treatment

Oropharma Trichoplus treatment of trichomonosis (canker) and hexamitiasis in pigeons

box of 8 sachets

  • High therapeutic activity
  • Effective against anaerobic bacteria
  • Broad safety margin
  • No harmful effect on racing performances
  • Not toxic for young pigeons
  • Tricho Plis is intended for the treatment of trichomonosis and Spironucleus infections (Hexamitosis) in racing pigeons, not intended for human consumption. Pigeons are very susceptible to infections with trichomonosis. We then see bad racing performances, more mucus in the throat and in some cases yellow spots in the throat and in the respiratory tract. Before the start of the racing season we give a treatment of 5 days. Also after the racing season and during the breeding in the winter, we advise to give a 5 day treatment. During the racing season, a re-infection with trichomonosis occurs frequently. It is necessary to administer 1 sachet of Tricho Plus in 2 litres of drinking water for 2 to 3 days.

    Directions for use

    1 sachet or 1 measuring spoon of TRICHO PLUS per 2 litres of drinking water during 5 days

    In case of insufficient liquid intake (e.g. in the winter) 1 sachet or 1 measuring spoon TRICHO PLUS per litre of drinking water

    Oropharma Tricho Plus 8 sachet


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