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Natures Menu Raw Bones and Chews

Our range of Natures Menu raw bones and chews at Kingstown Pet Supplies are the perfect addition to a raw or natural diet, providing texture, flavour and variety at mealtimes – not forgetting the whole host of nutritional benefits that the complete and balanced meals provide.
The raw bones and chews range are produced to be safe, easy to serve and are delicious for our four legged friends! The satisfying and nutritious raw bones and chews are naturally soft and are very easy for dogs to break down and eat, providing them with natural sourced of calcium to keep our furry friends bones strong and healthy.

Raw Bones and Chews for Dogs

The soft yet satisfyingly chewy raw bones and chews for dogs are packed with natural nutrients and flavour. Chewing can help induce a state of calm in dogs and so feeding raw meaty bones and chews is an important element of a raw diet.
We would recommend serving raw bones and chews as a treat 1-3 times a week, or as part of a home prepared raw meal.

Buy Natures Menu Raw Bones and Chews

Discover the full range of natural raw treats in beef, chicken, duck, turkey and lamb instore at Kingstown Pet Supplies. If you have any questions about giving raw bones and chews to your dog, get in touch with the team today who will be able to provide you with help and guidance.

Raw Marrowbone

Raw Beef Knuckle Bone

Beef Chunks

Duck Necks

Tripe Chunks

Turkey Necks

Chicken Wings

Lamb Necks

Lamb Necks

Lamb Ribs