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Oropharma Trichocure Canker Tablets

Oropharma Trichocure Pigeon Canker Tablets

Pigeon canker is the most common disease of pigeons; there are different strains of the disease which occurs worldwide in warm climates or during warm weather. The disease is seen in budgerigars and pigeons mainly, and is very common in aviaries of these species. The disease is often fatal for birds.

If you are concerned that your birds have transmitted Oropharma Trichocure to the rest of the loft, the Oropharma Trichocure Pigeon Canker tablets will help to cure trichomonosis (canker) in pigeons.

The treatment contains Ronidazole and comes as a box of 40 tablets. The treatment can be administered individually using a single tablet.

The Benefits of Canker Tablets

  • Very effective against trichomonosis (canker)
  • One-time treatment
  • Longer lasting due to delayed release
  • Unique longer lasting protection
  • Does not cause vomiting
  • No harmful effect on condition

  • Directions for use

    Prevention: 1 tablet of TRICHOCURE per pigeon after feeding

    Treatment: 1 tablet of TRICHOCURE per pigeon after feeding and repeat the treatment after 2 days

    Oropharma Trichocure Tablets


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