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Quality Leather and Nylon Dog Collars

Below is a selection of the large range of dog collars made from leather and nylon available to view and buy at our pet shop. We have chosen a few of these items to show on this web page but strongly suggest you come along to view our full range.

Red Nylon Dog Collar

Red Nylon Dog Collar

Set of 6 Puppy Litter ID Collars

Tartan Dog Collars

USB Rechargeable Flashing Dog Collars

Orbiloc LED

Decorated Leather Collars

Padded Nylon Collars

Rouns Sewn Dog Collars

Vintage Leather Dog Collars

Plain Leather Dog Collars

Padded leather dog collars

Leather Half Check

Black Daisy Adjustable Collars

Half Check Chains

Check Chains Heavy

Check Chains Heavy

Check Chains Heavy

Long Link Check Chains

Purple with Bone and Paw Design

Camouflage Dog Collars

Halti Head Collar

Gentle Leaders

Veterinary Cone Collar

Veterinary Inflatable Collar