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Oropharma Colombine Tea

Oropharma Colombine Pigeon Tea

Oropharma Colombine Pigeon Tea is an optimized herbal tea. This dietary supplement purifies the blood, relieves the liver and promotes the digestion. This product also increases the resistance, promotes the down moult and brings your pigeons into a good general condition. Colombine Tea contains 15 herbs with special characteristics. The active components of the parts of the plants selected (flower, leaf, seeds or roots) are beneficial to the pigeons' health.

Directions for use

Boil 1 or more litres of drinking water. Add 1 dessertspoon of Colombine Tea per litre. Allow to brew for 15 minutes, pour it through a sieve and give it to the pigeons as their only drink after it has cooled.

The first week of widowhood: 8 days without interruption.

The moult of the down feathers is stimulated extra as a result.

During the racing season:

- the day before basketing: add 1 dessertspoon of Oropharma Glucose + Vitamins per litre.
A natural and slightly purging health drink, ideal after heavy athletic exertion.

During the moult: a starting treatment of 8 days and then 2 days a week.

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