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Oropharma Muta-Seed

Moulting Seeds

Oropharma Muta-Seed (Pigeon Moulting Seeds)

Oropharma Muta-Seed (Pigeon Moulting Seeds) is an optimal selection of herbs and seeds. This dietary supplement promotes the moult and the down moult; the moult is a very important period for pigeons. A pigeon that does not come through the moult well will not sit well in its feathers and can consequently no longer be expected to realise great performances. All the weaknesses concealed in a pigeon's body come to the fore during the moult. Muta-seed is a 100 % natural product, composed so that it optimally supports the pigeon's body during this important phase when combined with Oropharma Colombine Tea.

Directions for use
Muta-seed should always be given in combination with Colombine Tea. Boil water and then add 1 teaspoon of muta-seed and 1 dessertspoon of Colombine Tea per litre of boiled water.
Allow the mixture to brew for 15 minutes, then pour it through a sieve and give to the bird after it has cooled down. The herbal drink made like this should be freshened daily and the drinking bowls should be thoroughly cleaned afterwards.
- racing season: 14 days before the start of the season: 8-day course of treatment
- during the racing season: once a week
- moulting period: 8-day moulting treatment, and then 2 days a week
- winter season: once a week
- youngsters: 2 days a week all year round

Oropharma Muta-Seeds 300g


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