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Inflatable Dog Collars

Veterinary Protective dog collars

Inflatable Dog Collars

Inflatable Dog Collars

Support wound healing with the inflatable protective collar for dogs

After surgery or an injury, dogs often try to lick the affected area, delaying the healing of the wound. With the inflatable collar, your dog is prevented from licking the wound or nibbling on the bandage - so the bandage stays intact and the wound can heal faster. Especially the back, head and chest area are protected by the collar - neither the sight nor the hearing of your four-legged friend is restricted. Also eating, drinking, playing and sniffing are still possible without problems when the pet wears the protective collar. The rounded, soft shape prevents snagging on objects and absorbs shock. The collar wich can be inflated alos comes with hook and loop closures and collar loops and can also be easily cleaned with warm water and disinfectant if necessary.

  • protects head, chest and back area
  • no catching on or knocking against objects
  • the pet can see and hear without being impaired
  • the dog can feed, drink, sniff and play without major restrictions
  • with hook and loop fastener
  • with loops for collar

    Sizes Available

    20 - 24cm

    24 - 31cm

    32 - 40cm

    40 - 45cm

    45 - 57cm

    66 - 78cm

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