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Versele Laga Succes-Corn 3Kg

Versele Laga Succes-Corn

Succes-Corn is an extruded pellet, easily digestible, scientifically developed to supply the deficiencies of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and minerals caused by traditional seed mixtures. Specially during the breeding and the moulting period classical mixtures are seriously incomplete feed. Succes-Corn:

- guarantees an exact protein percentage level and improves the general protein quality,

- contains protein of vegetable origin only,

- provides a wealth of vitamins and trace elements

- contains Florastimul, nutritious substances, which stimulate the good bacteria and slow down the pathogenic bacteria. As an additional food to the classic grain mixtures Succes-Corn offers you complete and well balanced rations.

Indicative nutrition values

 Crude protein 25 %
 Crude fat 6 %
 Crude ash 9 %
 Crude fibre 4 %
 Calcium 1,9 %
 Phosphorus 0,7 %
 Vitamin A 15.000 IU/kg
 Vitamin D3 3.000 IU/kg
 Vitamin E 25 mg/kg
 Vitamin K3 1,5 mg/kg
 Vitamin B1 2 mg/kg
 Vitamin B2 8 mg/kg
 Vitamin B3 15,7 mg/kg
 Vitamin B12 15 µg/kg
 Vitamin C 30 mg/kg
 Vitamin PP 40 mg/kg
 Folic acid 0,5 mg/kg
 Biotin 30 µg/kg
 Choline chloride 700 mg/kg

Success Corn 3Kg


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