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Parvo-Virucide is a one step cleaner/disinfectant which has been tested and proven by DEFRA to inactivate Parvovirus at dilutions of 200:1. It inactivates virus, bacteria, fungi, moulds, yeasts, mycoplasma and protozoa.

We have been manufacturing Parvovirucide since 1990 and in that time there have been zero reported cases of Parvovirus by Parvovirucide users.

Parvovirucide is used by:

Quarantine Kennels and Boarding Kennels

County/District/Town Councils

Police Authorities

Parvo-Virucide has a broad spectrum of activity and rapid action time and is even active in dirty conditions. It mixes in cold/hard water, remains stable in dilution and has residual activity of 7 days.
Parvovirucude is designed for use in kennels, catteries, pet cages, and all animal contact areas including veterinary surgeries, table tops, floors, utensils, equipment, etc.

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