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Tobacco Stalks

Pigeon Tobacco stalks

Natural tobacco stalks are a great nesting material for pigeons as they like to make their nest from the natural and easy to use material. Nesting plays an important part in the relationship between male and female pigeons, and the natural nesting material is known to enhance breeding results.

Nesting tobacco stalks are made from a natural material which helps to protect breeding pairs and their young from any external parasites, such as red mite, feather mite and ticks. The tobacco stalks nesting material is also ideally suited as floorcovering in baskets.

Key Benefits of Nest Tobacco

  • Suitable nesting material
  • A natural product that’s easy to use
  • Enhances the breeding results
  • Protects the breeding pairs and their young against external parasites

  • Shop Tobacco Stalks Today

    Top quality sterilised tobacco stalks are becoming more and more popular each year, and are used extensively by many pigeon fanciers. Please call Kingstown Pet Supplies for more information.

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