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Pigeon Nest Felts

Pigeon Nest Felts

Belgian Pigeon Nest Felts

Pigeon nest felts help to keep birds warm and to stop their eggs from breaking. The pigeon nesting felts are ideal for lining bowls and they provide baby pigeons with an absorbent, warm nest for the most susceptible few days of life.

The short-felt blend helps birds to obtain the utmost comfort and to help prevent injury – as felts with long strands can wind around a young birds’ feet and cause harm. The Belgian nest felts for pigeons are ideal for lining clay or plastic nest bowls for pigeons, and they can be dusted with an anti-mite powder which can help to deter red mite.

Give your youngsters the best possible start in life with our comfy, warm and hygienic nest felts. With more fanciers breeding earlier, nest felts are absolutely essential.

Key Benefits of Nest Felts

  • Soft and long lasting felt
  • Helps to keep birds warm
  • Stops eggs from breaking
  • Can be washed and re-used several times
  • Made from natural animal hair
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