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Oropharma Supra Pills

Oropharma Supra Pills for Pigeons Performances (250 Tablets) are a herbal velocity pill. They help to improve the performance of racing pigeons and support the health. Supra Pills are a selection of natural herbs that give an extra lash to make the pigeons fly even faster. Amongst others Supra Pills contain cola nut and fenugreek. The cola nut is a natural source of caffeine and theobromin, two natural stimulants. Fenugreek is rich in iron and copper, whereby it can improve performance.

Directions for use

1 pill administered directly in the beak.  

Youngsters: the day of basketing.

Speed flights: the day before basketing and the day of basketing.

Middle distance flights: the last 2 days before the day of basketing and the day of basketing.
Long distance flights: 2 pills the day before basketing and 1 pill the day of basketing.

Oropharma Supra Pills


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