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Oropharma Recup-Lyt Electrolytes

Oropharma Recup-Lyt Pigeon Electrolytes

Oropharma Recup-Lyt Pigeon Electrolytes is a mixture of electrolytes, a natural recuperation product for racing pigeons. Electrolytes are minerals and salts, such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. This scientifically composed electrolyte preparation assures a good water balance in all tissues and organs, and improves the recuperation after athletic efforts.

Oropharma Recup-Lyt is a complementary food for pigeons. During intense effort, a pigeon will lose a lot of water and salts that are important for the body. Administering the Recup-Lyt before exertion will give your pigeon the chance to build a reserve of water and electrolytes, which will help the bird to recover quickly after races.

Directions for use

The administration of Oropharma Recup-Lyt is especially recommended after the race as promotion of the recuperation.

At the arrival, during the racing season, the pigeons are very thirsty. Give clear water brought in advance at loft-temperature. After 2 hours, refresh the water and dissolve the content of 1 sachet Recup-Lyt in 1 litre drinking water. Put this drink at disposition till the day after. Before heavy long-distance races: the day before basketing 1 sachet in 1 litre drinking water.

During the breeding and moulting period: once a week 1 sachet in 1 litre drinking water.

In case of diarrhoea or other intestinal disorders, such as adeno, colibacillosis, coccidiosis, 1 sachet in 1 litre drinking water is sufficient as supporting treatment.

Oropharma Recup-Lyt


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