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Oropharma B-Pure

Brewers Yeast

Oropharma B-Pure Pigeon Brewers Yeast

Oropharma B-Pure Pigeon Brewer’s Yeast is at the very core of our specialist care range for racing pigeons.
The Oropharma B-Pure is an important nutritional supplement that can be used to deliver vital vitamins to younger pigeons. The supplements within this popular quality dried brewer’s yeast will ensure your stock are in tip-top shape, regardless of their training demands.
The main ingredient in Oropharma B-Pure – and many of the industry’s leading dried pigeon brewer’s yeasts – is saccharomyces cerevisiae, which contains essential amino acids and a range of minerals and trace elements, along with enhanced levels of vitamin B. All of the vitamins present in this product are designed to help pigeons regulate the biological processes that occur in their bodies, leading to improved health and better sports performance. Oropharma B-Pure is also a probiotic designed to aid digestion and the absorption of minerals.
Directions for use
Mix 1kg of grains with 1 tablespoon of garlic oil. Mix the soaked grains with 1 tablespoon of Oropharma B-Pure.

Administer once a week all year round. Prepare fresh every time.

Oropharma B-Pure 500g


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