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Oropharma Ideal Bathsalts

Oropharma Ideal Pigeon Bathsalt

Whether out of season or during the peak sports period, it’s no secret that pigeons like to bathe – and in fact, it’s been proven time and time again that this simple process is vital for the health, hygiene and general wellbeing of your birds.
Oropharma Ideal Pigeon Bathsalt is considered one of the most effective pigeon bath solutions in today’s market. When it’s added to cold or warm water, Oropharma Ideal Bathsalt will help the pigeon maintain the strength and water resistance of its plumage. The solution also works to remove flakes from the skin, enhance down moult and promote soft, supple feathers.
An additional benefit of using this popular orange-coloured pigeon bathsalt is that it will encourage muscle relaxation, priming your racing pigeon for better performance.
Directions for use
Use 1 tablespoon of Oropharma Ideal Bathsalt per 10 litres of water.
In the winter season, bathe the pigeon once a week.
In racing season, bathe the pigeon once or twice a week depending on the bird’s condition.
During the moulting period, bathe the pigeon twice a week to keep its skin and feathers in good condition.
Give a free and cold bath, preferably in the morning. Make a warm bath obligatory after each race.

Be sure to freshen the solution after each bath.

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