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Oropharma Avicas Worming Tablets

Oropharma Avicas Pigeon Worming Tablets

Oropharma Avicas is an individual treatment of worm infections (hairworms and roundworms).

    Optimal activity against round worms (Ascaridia) and hairworms (Capillaria)
    Active against adult worms and larve
    Auick, safe and effective action
    Does not cause vomiting or affects condition
    No abnormal feather growth

Avicas is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic for oral administration in racing pigeons. We can use Avicas for infections with roundworms and hairworms. Pigeons that are infected with worms will experience the following problems: in the beginning racing results and later on green slimy droppings and then they start to become thin and weak. For the treatment of clinical worm infections, 1 tablet should be given and the same dose should be repeated after 8 days. In the case of heavey Capillaria infection, 1 tablet should be given for two consecutive days and this two-day treatment should be repeated one week later. For routine preventitive treatment 1 tablet should be give 1 month before the breeding season, and again 1 month before the racing season.

Directions for use

1 tablet of AVICAS per pigeon, repeat after 8 days

With severe Capillaria infestation: treat for 2 consecutive days and treat for another 2 days after 1 week.


Each tablet contains 15mg of the active ingredient Febantel

Oropharma Avicas


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