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Opti Life Baby Puppy Weaning Porridge

Versele Laga Baby Dog Food

Opti Life Baby Puppy Weaning Porridge

The weaning food of Opti Life Baby is a complete dog food for puppies, specially formulated to get puppies used to firm food. Baby is highly energetic and easy to digest, with a well balanced protein level. It has a high content of vitamins, trace-elements, essential amino-acid and fatty-acid.

Opti Life Baby 3Kg


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Directions for use

Opti Life Baby dissolves very well in water and converts easily into an appetizing porridge. Mix equivalent volumes of Baby and water and you will obtain a porridge of ideal consistency. To prevent from drying out, prepare only small quantities of Opti Life Baby. In this way this baby porridge will keep its tasteful freshness.

Rationing table
Weight of the pup. Daily ration to be spread over 3 or 4 meals
200g 20g
400g 30g
600g 40g
800g 50g
1Kg 60g
2Kg 100g
4Kg 150g
6Kg 200g


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