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Natures Menu Natural Freeflow Raw Frozen Dog Foods

Natures Menu are at the forefront of natural and raw dog foods.
We stock a comprehensive range of Natures Menu raw frozen food, including tripe, beef, minced chicken and white fish, available in individual 400g packs to purchase in store only.
Our Natures Menu dog food contains high grade meat and minced bone, packaged into simple to serve portions for your dog. The lean protein in each pack is rich in natural nutrients to help make up your dog’s nutritious raw meals at home.
Natures Menu raw dog food is designed to be fed raw – served alone as a treat or as part of a balanced diet. The carefully designed and approved recipes are safe, easy to serve and delicious for dogs of all ages to enjoy!

Supporting A Healthy BARF Diet

Freeflow Tripe

Freeflow Beef

Freeflow Chicken & Tripe

Freeflow Chicken

Freeflow Lamb & Chicken

Choosing a natural BARF diet, consisting of primarily raw, meaty bones and a variety of fruits and vegetables, will help to keep your dog on a healthy and natural pathway. Dogs who enjoy a healthy balanced raw diet will benefit from shinier coats, healthier skin, cleaner teeth and higher energy levels.
You can be confident that your dog is receiving all its essential vitamins, minerals and proteins when you feed it Natures Menu frozen dog food.

Buy Natures Menu Freeflow Raw Frozen Food

The Nature Menu frozen dog food range contains complete and balanced meals for dogs, made with delicious natural ingredients and no added nasties! Discover the range of Natures Menu raw frozen dog food that we stock at Kingstown Pet Supplies and shop instore today.