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Natures Menu Frozen Raw Beef Minced

Available in store only.

Natures Menu Minced Beef

Natures Menu Minced BeefNatures Menu Minced Beef

Meaty cuts of Natures Menu Frozen Beef Minced Dog Food from human grade sources, pre minced and packed into a convenient 400gm formed square for ease of storage. These are simply minced whole meats with nothing added. You can be confident that the ingredient is simply pure fresh meat.
Use this product as an ingredient to make up your dogs nutritious raw meals at home.
Beef is an excellent source of complete protein, with many essential nutrients and vitamins, rich in B vitamins, Zinc and Iron to help maintain stamina and heart health.
Our Beef also includes beef lung which is one of few cuts of beef that contains a nutritious level of vitamin C to aid your pets circulatory and immune system.

Natures Menu 12 x 400g Beef


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