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Natures Menu Raw 60/40 Nuggets

Our huge range of complete and balanced raw dog food from Natures Menu offers you all the benefits of raw feeding with none of the hassle. The carefully developed veterinary and FEDIAF approved recipes are produced to be safe, easy to serve and totally delicious for dogs.

From meal sized blocks to meaty nuggets, with grain free and chicken free options available as well as senior and puppy foods, there is a raw complete meal to suit any dog. Natures Menu raw nugget meals are made with quality ingredients and no meat meals or meat derivatives.

High Protein Meals for Puppies and Dogs

Beef & Chicken 60/40 Nuggets

Chicken & Salmon 60/40 Nuggets

Fish & Chicken 60/40 Nuggets

Natures Menu Raw Chicken Nuggets For Dogs

Tripe, Chicken Hearts, Liver & Salmon 60/40 Nuggets

Natures Menu Chicken with Tripe Nuggets

Natures Menu Multipack

Natures Menu raw nuggets are a delicious high protein and grain-free meal for active puppies and dogs. The complete and balanced raw nuggets are easy to serve, and are available in delicious flavours including chicken, beef and lamb.
Natures Menu formulate raw nuggets with a unique blend of meat, vegetables, vitamins and minerals to provide your dog with a satisfying nutritional meal that they will love. Natures Menu frozen dog foodis formulated by in-house vets to ensure the food contains the daily nutrition that your dog requires.
The raw nuggets are easy to serve; simply count the number of nuggets needed, thaw them out and then serve!

Buy Natures Menu Raw Nuggets

The raw nugget range from Natures Menu is healthy and balanced, jam packed with delicious natural ingredients, minerals and protein. Discover the full range of Natures Menu raw nuggets available instore at Kingstown Pet Supplies today and at fantastic prices.