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Nylon Mesh Muzzles

Nylon Mesh Dogs Muzzles

Nylon Mesh Dogs Muzzles

The adjustable Nylon Mesh Dogs Muzzles circumference enables you to fit it perfectly to your dog and guarantees a secure fit. The soft flexible material allows your dog to pant and drink. At the same time the muzzle will prevent biting barking and chewing of objects.

for short-term use (e.g. vets, train rides, etc.)

with net insert

for better heat exchange

prevents circulation problems

fully adjustable neck strap with snap fit

fully adjustable snout circumference

colour: black

Size Snout Strap Neck Strap for e.g.
1 14–18 cm 12–31 cm Jack Russell Terrier 
2 14–22 cm 18–44 cm Poodle
3 20–28 cm 22–38 cm Border Collie
4 22–32 cm 26–42 cm Golden Retriever
5 22–34 cm 28–46 cm Great Dane

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