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KOUDIJS ROOKTABLET- Fungal Infection Smoke Bomb

KOUDIJS ROOKTABLET- Fungal Infection Smoke Bomb

Use Koudijs smoking tablets to treat fungal infections (including aspergillis) in pigeons, ornamental and aviary birds. A package is enough for 100m cubic.

Pigeon Fungal  Infection Treatment

Suitable for treating 75 to 100 cubic meters 

  • Smoke can reach places where a liquid product can not
  • Best disinfectant for Pigeon Lofts and chicken coops

  • Instructions for Use


  • Make sure to properly shut the loft so that the vapour cannot escape.
  • The temperature in the enclosure must be at least 15 degrees Celcius.

  • USE

  • Place the required amount of the smoke tablets on an earthenware saucer.
  • Light the tablets with a match, ensuring that all the tablets are burning properly.
  • Use a clean tin, extinguish the flame and allow the smoking tablets to release the active compound.
  • Immediately leave the loft and allow the active compound to work for four to six hours.
  • Provide sufficient ventilation of the enclosure after the treatment.

    Because the use of this product cannot be controlled by the manufacturer or the person(s) responsible for its marketing, they accept no liability or damage resulting from improper use or carlessness, directly or indirectly arising from application of the product.

    Stor in a dry place away from direct sunlight. See packaging for batch number and 'best before' date.

    Safety Recommendations

  • Igniting the smoke tablet will release fomyene vapour that will fill the pigeon loft. Take the following precaution:
  • Always wear proper face protection and gloves.
  • Wear suitable respiratory quipment in case of insufficient ventilation.
  • Avoid contact with food, water and animal feed.
  • Immediately call a physician and present the packaging and label if you feel unwell.
  • Do not reuse the contents.
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