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Harkers Loft Treatment

Harkers Pigeon Loft Treatment

The Powerful Pigeon Loft Disinfectant

Not just another loft floor whitening, but a powerful dry disinfectantContains quaternary ammonium chloride especially for use in Pigeon lofts

The treatment is highly effective against:
- Bacteria (Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Escherichia)
- Yeasts
- Moulds (Saccharomyces, Cerevisiae, Aspergillus niger)
- Will inhibit the development of worm eggs and coccidial oocysts

Loft Treatment is:
- Absorbent
- Non-irritant
- Deodorising
- Broad spectrum
- Non toxic

Loft treatment is safe and easy to use and comes in a handy new 1.8kg plastic container.
Loft Treatment will destroy ammonia and sulphur gases in the loft.
Loft Treatment contains eucalyptus which will reduce the number of flies and insects in the loft.
Just sprinkle around the nesting and perching areas where damp patches occur.
Loft Treatment contains no lime or chalk and can be used effectively with any types of litter or scraped floors

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