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Go-Cat Kitten

Go Cat Kitten

GO-CAT® Kitten is a complete and balanced pet food specially formulated for the healthy development of your kitten. Made with chicken, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, our dry kitten food provides them with all the nutrients they need to ensure a good transition from mother's milk to solid food.

After all, with all that growing up to do before they can become an equally energetic adult, kittens need a specific balance of nutrients that help them reach their full potential. We’ve used over 85 years of experience in pet nutrition to help create a dry kitten food formula that provides them with just that. Our recipe contains vitamin E to help support their natural defences, as well as high quality protein, which helps support healthy growth. A balance of vitamins and minerals help with the growth of strong teeth and bones, while taurine helps promote good eyesight and heart health.

Our dry kitten food doesn’t just contains plenty of nutrients – it tastes delicious too! Made with chicken, milk, and added vegetables, your kitten will come scampering to the bowl at mealtimes.

Go Cat Kitten 2Kg


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