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Gem Strike II

Gem Strike for Pigeons

GEM Strike II is an effective supplement for pigeons and birds who are under challenge from bacterial attack.
Championed as one of the number 1 trouble shooters of lofts worldwide, GEM Strike is one the bestselling products in the UK to help keep birds’ guts in optimal condition.

The GEM strike pigeon supplementis made from a combination of very powerful yet gentle ingredients. There’s Allicin, a plant extract which acts against potentially dangerous organisms, a lactic acid bacteria, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which provides an important food source for the growth of the lactic bacteria and L-Glutamine which helps to preserve muscle mass during trauma and stimulates the immune system to help repair it.

Directions for Use

GEM strike is recommended for use when birds are under challenge from bacterial attack:

  • Use the day after returning from a race.
  • Continue to use it once or twice per week to keep the gut in optimal condition.
  • For best results, dampen corn and sprinkle two scoops of Strike II per kilo of food and stir in.
  • Strike II is equally as effective when used in a drinker. Mix 5g thoroughly into one litre of water and use as above.
  • In severe challenges of bacterial attack, double the amount used for 3-4 days.

  • How GEM Strike II Can Help Your Birds

  • Keeps pigeons in good health
  • Significantly reduces the risk of infections caused by bacteria, thus reducing the need for antibiotics
  • Maintains the intestinal flora in their natural balance
  • Fixes mild diarrhoea
  • Increase the vigour and vitality of pigeons and birds
  • Improves the fitness
  • Improves digestion
  • If you are experiencing trouble, our advice is to immediately put the birds onto GEMTHEPAX mixed into the corn and STRIKE into the drinking water. More often than not, this will resolve the problem, but if it persists, have them looked at by a qualified avian veterinary surgeon. Never resort to indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

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