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Gemthepax for Pigeons

Product Information

Gemthepax has been developed and carefully controlled to have positive effects on the beneficial gut micro flora. It is strongly recommended to be used during the year – especially during the breeding and racing periods. You can also use Gemthepax when birds are stressed from over handling and moving into a new loft section. You will also be able to rear better youngsters when they are raised on Gemthepax.
Independent studies carried out in several laboratories (including the world famous 'Institute de Pasteur in Paris') have shown that gemthepax is able to stimulate these beneficial species. Other independent studies carried out show that Gemthepaxcan stimulate and protect the beneficial gut cro-flora even during antibiotic therapy.


You will rear better youngsters when they are raised on Gemthepax. You will see the difference around the nest bowl, the quality of the droppings tells you that the birds are doing well. The parents show no stress from rearing, they are full of health and vigour. Gemthepax is recommended for youngsters than are being weaned in a new loft. It helps to settle the youngsters when they leave their parents.


We firmly believe that using GEMTHEPAX during racing will give your birds the edge needed to reach the top. There are no magic potions that win races - you need good pigeons and good management first, and that's up to you the fancier. If you have these two qualities, then the use of GEMTHEPAX will give you those extra yards that are the difference between being first and last. Use at the rate of 5ml per litre of drinking water 3/4 times a week during both racing and breeding. The rest of the year twice per week to keep the birds in top condition.

Directions for use

Use at a rate of 5ml per litre of drinking water or 5ml to 1kg of corn, 3/4 times a week – during both the breeding and racing period. For the rest of the year, use twice per week to keep birds in tip top condition!

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