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Gem Aqua Guard for Pigeons

Gem Aqua Guard for Pigeons

Product Information

Gem Aqua Guard for Pigeons is a completely natural product designed to assist in the relief of respiratory problems in racing pigeons.
Helps maintain nasel passages & airways to their full potential during races.
Add to drinking water for 5 days at first sign of trouble.
Contains no harmful substances.

White horehound, Elecampane root, Pleurisy root, Vitamin B12 & Grape Seed Extract.

(Tip, try Breath-ezz on the corn, two teaspoons per kilo of food & see down feathers and droppings next morning—Superb ! )

New water sanitiser. Based on a specific blend of organic acids which decontaminates drinking water, helps to improve the health of the pigeon and protects the water from:

  • fungi
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • yeast
It also helps improve the digestion of the bird.

Completely organic and harmless to the birds.

Add 5ml to 2.5ltrs

Gem Aqua Guard 500ml


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