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Flaked Barley Ground Bait

Flaked Barley

Micronised Flaked Barley

Take a large maggot box and fill to within 1" of the rim.

Put enough water in to almost come up to the surface of the Flaked Barley

Leave for at least an hour, then stir again.

Put it into a washing up bowl and add approximately the same quantity of Flaked Barley as you started with. Mix briskly. You can either form balls or put it into a couple of Maggot boxes and leave it for the next morning.

The good thing about this stuff is, its just as viable if you mix it at home the night before you go.

When you come to use the mix, at the waterside, add your bits, (hemp pellet, bait samples etc.). At this point it should be crumbly to look at, but stick like the proverbial, when squeezed around the Method Feeder frame.

If its too sloppy, no problem, just add a small quantity of dry mix but do it carefully it dries out fast.

If you are on a day session any excess freezes well, for next time. But its cheap enough to put into the swim, with any excess baits, at the end of the day.

Oh yes if its a hot sunny day, cover your mix with a damp towel and try to keep it out of the sun, to save it drying out too much. If its heaving down , cover it with something to keep the water out.

NO Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.

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