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Colombine Grit with Redstone

Colombine Grit with Redstone for Pigeons

The Colombine Grit with Redstone is a washed and sterilised mixture of gastric grinding stones, oyster shells, seashells, charcoal and aniseed. This pigeon supplement helps to improve optimal digestion and produce solid droppings of a good consistency.

The mixture provides a source of minerals and trace elements which can be easily ingested by pigeons. As pigeons do not have teeth, it’s important for them to eat grit; the grit acts as the pigeon’s teeth and performs the grinding actions necessary to make food digestible. The grind stones and silex act as the pigeons teeth, whilst the charcoal and redstone promotes optimal digestions and solid droppings. The Colombine Grit mixture also provides pigeons with essential calcium for strong bones and good health.

Directions for use

Administer all year round.

Make available in a separate tray and refresh daily.

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