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Otodex Skin Cream

Otodex Skin Cream

Otodex Skin Cream is a soothing aid in the treatment of eczema, sore spots, abrasions and minor burns.

Otodex Skin Cream for cats and dogs

Otodex Skin Cream is ideal for use in dogs and cats. It is made using (1) an effective analgesic, which quickly alleviates pain and (2) a mild astringent to reduce haemorrhaging and weeping from minor injuries, therefore calming and covering the wound.

Pet owners will find Otodex Skin Cream suitable to use on eczema, sore spots, abrasions and minor burns in dogs and cats.

Directions for use

Clean the wound, carefully removing overlying hair from affected parts and lightly apply cream night and morning.
If symptoms persist or appear, we advise you to consult your veterinary surgeon.

Do not use if the tube seal is broken when purchased.

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