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Country Hunter Complete Raw Dog Foods

Country Hunter dog food is a no-fuss ready meal, great for dogs with sensitivities and allergies. The raw dog food also works as a great introduction to those considering switching their dog to a raw diet.
The veterinary approved recipes are safe and easy to serve, with a delicious range of flavours available for dogs, including turkey, rabbit and salmon. The meals are made with high quality ingredients and will provide your dog with a healthier and more active life.

Country Hunter Raw Food Superfood Nuggets

Our range of Country Hunter raw meat nuggets are easy to serve. Simply add to your dog’s bowl when frozen, leave to defrost overnight or for around 2 hours, and then give to your dog as a treat! The raw meat nuggets are a simple way of introducing raw food into your pets’ diet and are a convenient way to provide your dog with a balanced raw diet.
At Kingstown Pet Supplies, we provide a range of superfood raw nuggets from Country Hunter, including lamb, turkey, duck, rabbit, chicken with salmon and wild venison. Each raw nugget is also blended with wholesome fruit and vegetables to provide nutritious and fulfilling bites, made with healthy and high-quality ingredients.

Buy Country Hunter Complete Raw Dog Foods

Discover the full range of Country Hunter complete raw dog foods in store with Kingstown Pet Supplies. If you have any questions about switching your pets to a raw food diet, get in touch with the team today who will be able to provide you with help and advice!

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