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Topical Probiotics for Pets - Natural Care & Hygiene

LUCAA+ topical probiotics for pets are a complete range of natural products that spoil and protect your best friend. They help to keep dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, hamsters, rabbits and more – in better health.

Pets need good hygienic conditions to thrive – on their coat and skin as well as in their living environment. Our topical probiotics for pets range therefore give you:

  • Targeted care solutions for ears, eyes, teeth, skin, wounds and allergies.
  • Healthy cleaning solutions for kennels, baskets, toys and litter trays.
  • All LUCAA+ topical probiotics for pets are made with compassion and are certified vegan and cruelty-free. They are approved and used by vets throughout Europe.

    Lucaa+ Allergy Free

    LUCAA+ Coat Care

    LUCAA+ Dental Care

    LUCAA+ Ear Care

    LUCAA+ Eye Care

    LUCAA+ Odor Remover

    LUCAA+ Pet Shampoo

    LUCAA+ Stay Cleaner

    LUCAA+ Wound Care