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LUCAA+ Pet Probiotic Allergy-Free - 300ml Spray

Protects Skin Health & Hugely Reduces Itching & Irritation

Lucaa Allergy Free

The Pet Skin Allergy Spray that Alleviates Discomfort

LUCAA+ Pet Probiotic Allergy-Free is a dog and cat skin allergy prevention spray that significantly reduces itching. You can use it to improve uncomfortable skin (atopic) symptoms caused by environmental and seasonal allergies. The spray is easy to use for pets with itchy, flaky skin, excessive scratching, hot spots and rashes. It helps your pet to feel happier and more comfortable.

Our pet skin allergy care spray was recently featured on Raw Pet Medics (time stamp 45.18) as a new way to treat skin allergies in dogs. The unanimous verdict was it’s ‘an amazing product’ that veterinary practices are using in the field. It is suitable for all pets, including cats and rabbits as well as dogs.

LUCAA+ Pet Allergy-Free contains ‘good’ (probiotic) bacteria, naturally sourced from plants. These helpful probiotics restore natural and healthy balance to the skin (the microbiome).

  • Prevents allergies.
  • Significantly reduces itching.
  • Eliminates organic allergens (food for the probiotics).
  • Easy to use: spray directly to fur and surrounding surfaces.
  • Made with natural and controlled ingredients.
  • The spray is also certified vegan and cruelty-free.

    Protects Pets from Bio-Allergens that Trigger Symptoms

    Pet allergy prevention is increasingly needed as atopic allergies in pets are becoming more common. They are caused by seasonal and environmental triggers including dust mite, pollen, mould spores and chemicals. Dust mites live in house dust and fabric-covered surfaces such as curtains and bedding. They produce droppings around twenty times a day, which can trigger uncomfortable reactions.

    In addition, household cleaning products can contain chemicals that significantly impact the health of pets.

    You can find out more about seasonal skin allergies in dogs from the Guide to Seasonal Allergies in Dogs by our friends at Better Pet in the USA.

    For animals with seasonal and environmental allergies, a broader approach may be required. This protects the animal more fully from allergen triggers on their skin as well as in their living environment – their home, kennel and car.

    The spray is safe and beneficial for other pets too, including cats. Always contact your vet before use if in doubt.


    To use our Pet Skin Allergy Care, Ensure your pet is as clean as possible for best results. Shake before use. Spray LUCAA+ Allergy-Free directly onto the coat and brush through gently to ensure an even application.

    Depending on the severity and the size of the animal – apply twice daily for the first few days then reduce to one, then reduce as required. It is beneficial to spray on any exposed skin areas – and to spray the animal’s living and sleeping environment, including bedding and collars.  Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

    IMPORTANT: Always consult a vet if in doubt or if symptoms persist.

    Veterinary Recommendation for Using LUCAA+ Pet Allergy-Free Spray: 

    “Regarding application, I use your guidelines but would add that priority should go to contact and hairless areas of the dog’s body; so paws, tummy, groin, armpits and ears (hairless area often exposed to environmental allergens) and any skin folds that a specific patient may have e.g. around the vulva or on the face as with most brachycephalic breeds.

    As a rule of thumb, we say two applications per day for the first few days then reduce to one, then reduce to ‘as needed’.

    How much to spray on each time is again dependent on the severity of the condition (and size of the dog). There is about 200 sprays from each 300ml bottle so there is no need for the owner to hold back (and no negative effect from the sprays).

    So, 4-5 sprays on each side of a lab size animal would result in 2 applications per day for, say, 4 days (80 sprays); followed by 1 application per day for 4 days (40 sprays); leaving a third of the container left for ‘as required’ applications.” Dr. Richard Doyle, Wylie Vets, Brentwood.

    Lucaa Allergen Free 300ml


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