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Harkers Adenocaps Young Bird Sickness

Harkers Adenoplus for Pigeon Young Bird Sickness

Contains immunoglobulins and selected crucifers to enhance natural immunity to illness

Harkers Adenocaps for Pigeon Young Bird Sickness. From a young age racing pigeons are prone to stress related racing issues including young bird sickness.

Poor health in pigeons can have drastic effect on performance.  If caught early it can be nipped in the bud returning the bird to top racing performance very quickly.

Harkers have introduced a new medication to conquer stress related illnesses in young birds. Harkers Adenoplus contains a blend of immunoglobulins to enhance gut immunity and selected crucifers which are highly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Harkers Adenoplus can be used as a preventative as well as a cure. It can be used, 

•        At first signs of sickness

•        To accompany treatment of trichomonas infection (canker)

•        During stress periods such as weaning and after training and racing

•        Before and after vaccinations


Adenocaps – for young bird sickness in pigeons

New Adenocaps capsules are an immunomodulatory treatment for the control and prevention of young bird sickness in pigeons.

Adenocaps consist of a synergistic blend of immunoglobulins and selected crucifers,  designed to enhance the immune system, particularly in the gut.

  • Contains immunoglobulins and selected crucifers to enhance natural immunity to illness
  • Capsule form for easy dosing
  • 100 capsules per tub – costs from as little as 40p per treatment



At first signs of Young Bird Sickness – 1 capsule daily for 3-5 days.

During stress periods:

At weaning – 1 capsule daily for 2 days.

Before/after vaccination – 1 capsule.

Prior to basketing – 1 capsule

After training/racing – 1 capsule

Contains immunoglobulins 11.25mg/capsule and crucifers 238.75mg/capsule.

Adenocaps has been trialled for a period of more than two years in the north of England and Scotland. Fanciers have reported that whilst using the product on a regular basis, existing cases of Young Bird Sickness cleared very quickly and no new cases have been seen.

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