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Advantage Spot-On Flea Treatment 400mg for dogs between 25kg and 40kg

Advantage Flea Treatment for Dogs 2 to 10Kg


Advantage Spot-On Flea Treatment for Dogs 400mg, one pipette for dogs weighing between 25kg and 40kg; two pipettes for dogs weighing over 40kg


Scientifically proven to prevent and treat fleas on your pet and kill larvae in the home, wherever the treated pet goes


4.0ml (400mg imidacloprid)

4 Pipettes

Advantage 400 Spot-On


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Using Advantage Flea Treatment fleas are killed within one day following treatment. One treatment prevents further flea infestation for up to four weeks on dogs, three to four weeks on cats and up to one week on pet rabbits.
Treatment should be repeated after four weeks.
Advantage Flea Treatment remains effective if the animal becomes wet, for example after exposure to heavy rain or after swimming (dogs). However, re-treatment may become necessary, depending on the presence of fleas in the environment. In these cases do not treat more frequently than once weekly.
In the case of biting louse infestation in dogs, a veterinary examination 30 days after treatment is recommended as some animals may require a second treatment.
Note on using this flea treatment for dogs.
Do not apply an excessive amount of solution at any one spot that could cause some of the solution to run down the side of the dog. The product is bitter tasting and salivation may occasionally occur if the dog licks the application site immediately after treatment. Correct application will minimise the opportunity for the dog to lick the product. Apply only to undamaged skin. Do not allow recently treated animals to groom each other.

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